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    Bill is such great asset. He's smart, a great listener, and very down to earth. With every copywriting and marketing project we have worked on together, he's done more than expected and has completed the work on time. I highly recommend Bill and I look forward to working with him on many more projects.

Kathleen O'Farrell

Written words (copy) are a crucial part of marketing. Outstanding copy –

   1. Describes

   2. Informs

   3. Inspires readers to take action

In as few words as possible.  

Most people don't realize that the more words they use, the less people will read.

Bill Cavaness has spent years creating short, effective copy that SELLS. Call us today, 714-521-1170, and we'll show you how “short-and-sweet” SELLS best!

Content is everything, copy plus graphics, on a page. Exceptional marketing content, as with good copy –

   1. Describes

   2. Informs

   3. Inspires people to take action

What is your marketing message?

Is your marketing message succinctly conveyed through your copy and graphics?

What do you want people to remember about your company?

Cavaness & Associates can help you create memorable marketing materials. Call us today for details.